Got a fortune cookie the other day that said I'd fall into infinite riches. Weird..

Been working on this for a couple days. It's a Chrome extension that automatically hides the checkmarks of Twitter users who bought Twitter Blue Verification.
Chrome Web Store review pending!

Huh, whats up with people making twitter clones specifically for furries? We already have Mastodon which is FOSS, why not just contribute to that? ๐Ÿค”

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Literally hate RTMP protocol with a burning passion. Message headers are DYNAMIC SIZED. Literally have to infer the size of something just to save a byte or two

Making good progress on my VRCFaceTracking setup utility tool! Soon, setting up avatars will be easier than ever!

God I cannot wait to get back to my VR setup. There's only so long I can survive on the quest before missing my eye and face tracking setup

Welp, looks like my quest to move to the US is on hold for now. Turns out Visas are incredibly hard for no obvious reason!

If the content you create doesn't get into any news publications or research papers, or you happen to work in a niche, good luck getting anywhere near a Visa!


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